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is a foundation addressing mainly people with limited access to art and culture, minorities and marginalized groups. Through theatrical or artistic work, we want to meet people for whom there is no or very little place in the space of culture and art on a daily basis. We want to give these people a subjective voice and the possibility of self-expression. What's more, we believe that our actions will have a snowball effect, and each subsequent project will open the so-called "excluded" another door. We believe that in today's world, attention and openness to others who are different from us are necessary to create a horizontal system in which there is a place for each of us.

ART JUNCTION czyli miejsce spotkania, skrzyżowania i wymiany pomysłów, światopoglądów oraz rzeczywistości ze sztuką i pomiędzy sobą. To również możliwość spotkania się artystów różnych dziedzin i kultur, to szansa dla artystów niszowych kontaktu z publicznością i pokazania jej niekomercyjnych wydarzeń artystycznych i kulturalnych. To wreszcie próba stworzenia oddolnego systemu wsparcia i współpracy. FUNDACJA ART JUNCTION założona została przez Jarosława Siejkowskiego i Barbarę Prądzyńską w maju 2015 roku w Poznaniu.

Barbara Prądzyńska

Born. 1975 in Poznań. Founder and Vice-President of the Art Junction Foundation A graduate of Polish Philology and Theatre Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (1995-1999, 2002-2004). Long-time actress of Teatr Biuro Podróży (1995-1999/ 2003-2015). Student and actress of the Derevo Theatre (1997-1999). Cooperation: in Poland: Apart Theatre, Usta Usta Theatre, Circus Ferus Theatre, Jerzy Szaniawski Theatre in Wałbrzych ("Don't Shoot Horses" directed by Maja Kleczewska), Marta Marchow, Y Theatre; in Europe: Barrevoet Theatre (Netherlands), Grotest Maru Theatre (Berlin, Germany), Sco (Prague, Czech Republic), Lapushkin Theatre (Russia/ Germany), Alexei Merkushev (Russia/ Germany), Edit Kaldor (Hungary/ Netherlands), Atsushi Takenouchi (Japan); in Mexico: Cristina Maldonado, El Centauro Mecanico. Own initiatives: Fractale – a women's theatrical group, active in the years 2002-2009, Canoa – a theater operating in Mexico (2002-2011) and playing in Poland (2003-2010), Trenprojekt – aristocratic projects in the social context (migration, economic refugees, ethnic minorities), The Garden Project (2009-2012) international sitespecific performance on the theme of man's pursuit of happiness and paradise


Theatrical education: a number of workshops for actors, dancers, amateurs, children and youth in Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Cuba, India, Palestine; several years of cooperation with the Jerzy Szaniawski Theatre in Wałbrzych – a series of theatre classes ending with performances in non-theatrical spaces; lecturer at Art of Voice Studio in Poznań 2010-2015; lecturer at the STA Acting School in Poznań 2013-2015. Artistic work in a social context with: ethnic minorities: Indians in Mexico, Roma in Poland, Zapatistas in Mexico, refugees in camps in Palestine, Roma migrants of Romanian origin in Poland, and prisoners in Mexico, children from foster families in Poland, children in hospitals in Poland, disabled people in Poland and Palestine (the spectacle The Story of a Certain Love, premiere in 2004; workshops as part of the 5 senses festival. eMOTION; classes and performance with children with trisomy 21), in connection with violence against women in Poland and India. Activist and participant of the Human Rights Observer Brigades in Mexico. Editor of the book "Another Mexico. Tales of Zapatistas" and translator of Zapatista texts.

Jarosław Siejkowski

Co-founder of the ArtJunction Foundation Actor, theatre producer and cultural animator. Since 1992 in the team of Teatr Biuro Podróży (Travel Agency Theatre). He collaborated on the following performances: Giordano, Carmen Funebre, Not All of Us Are Us, Drink Vinegar, Gentlemen, Selenauci, Millennium Mysteries, The Manuscript, The Eclipse, The Pigs, Macbeth., HofD, Planet Lem, The Death of Danton, The Master of Hunger. He took part as an actor and producer in performances at theatre festivals in Bogotá, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Bucharest, Chicago, Delhi, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Istanbul, Jaipur, Cairo, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mexico, Moscow, Minneapolis, New York, Perth/Australia, Phoenix, Thessaloniki, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Taiwan and many other festivals around the world.


Initiator, co-creator and participant of numerous cultural and social projects "Theatre Without Borders" Belarus, Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine (2006-2009), International Documentary Theatre Project: "Chernobyl TM" (Belarus/Ukraine) (2007), Relocation (Cork) Ireland (2005), Samhlaíocht (Knocknagoshel) – Ireland (2004). Coordinator of the programme of theatrical presentations under the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2011. Coordinator of European cultural programs. He conducted his own theatre workshops in many centres in Poland and around the world, in Great Britain, the United States, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Colombia and Georgia.