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Not our Business?

Project realized in cooperation with Theatreconnect and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi in Thrissur (Kerala, India) 22.01.2017-25.02.2017.

An international workshop conducted with a group of Indian social activists and artists. The essence of the group's several weeks of work in the Kerala village of Kiraloor was to discuss the problems and effects of globalization on social life in areas affected by poverty. The inspiration to start the work was Martin Caparros' book: "Hunger", but the local stories brought by the participants quickly embedded the topics of our conversations in the contemporary socio-political melting pot of India. Discussions about what today hurts and worries many Indians have been jointly translated into the language of street theater.

The result is a performance – a collection of stories that we try not to remember every day – pushing them out of our social consciousness – because they do not fit the image of the world we would like to see. Is the fact that we try not to notice the processes whose involuntary accomplices we are in order to defend ourselves against the loss of our comfort zone is the right solution? Do we have any influence on this? And in a world where, thanks to access to information, it is difficult to say that we had no idea about it. Is this our business?

As a result of the workshops, an outdoor performance was created: "Not our Business?" shown twice to a large audience at the International Theatre Festival in Kerala ITFOK.

Project co-financed by the Department of Culture of the City of Poznań.